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Where it all starts

Digital footprint is the solution to some of the most complex challenges.

Our platform automatically and continuously detects, maps and correlates assets related to your brand from an outside-in perspective, similarly to how hackers see your brand.

Your footprint is available within minutes: there’s no IP lists for you to fill out, no prep work, no Excel questionnaires… Just your brand name. Our AI does the rest.

How it works


Enter your brand name. 


The platform will search for all digital assets related to your brand. Our AI differentiates between what is truly yours, and what isn’t.


All results are manageable in the dashboards. Confirm the assets that belong to your organisation, helping the AI to do even better.


The assets are automatically assessed to identify weaknesses, errors, vulnerabilities, or threats. These range from A (no risk) to F (immediate action required).


View detailed information, including mitigation actions per asset. 


The platform continuously monitors and adjusts the risk scores as you mitigate risks. This helps you keep track of progress and set targets.

Find risks, solve problems

With Cybersprint, managing your digital risks is automated, dynamic, and continuous. You will be in control, growing your resilience. Shadow IT will no longer be a challenge. Phishing domains can be detected before they are weaponised. You will prevent attacks and brand abuse.

Govern the security programme of your organisations and your suppliers by measuring effectiveness with observable risk data. 

It all starts with your digital footprint.

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