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by | 29-11-2017 | Blog

On 29 November 2017 the Security Dossier 2017 appeared during the ChannelConnect live event. In this magazine an article about the services of Cybersprint and our Digital Risk Monitoring Platform was published.Pieter Jansen was interviewed for this article:

Online presence of organisations automatically means that it opens digital access points for cyber criminals. Of course companies can carry out penetration tests to close as many of these ‘back doors’ as possible, but sometimes it is not always clear where these ‘back doors’ are. “We can fully explore the digital attack surface of companies,” says Pieter Jansen of Cybersprint.

Digital Risk Monitoring (DRM) works completely from the external environment of an organisation and does not have to integrate within the IT systems of our customers. “It is, among other things, extremely easy to give a demonstration. Customers always discover things they should have known. Some organisations seem a little reluctance to start with DRM: “We are a new company and it is a new type of risk that we identify, but they are more confident after a trial month. As a result, Cybersprint has managed to attract large customers with a worldwide presence in a relatively short time.”

Interested in the full Security Dossier 2017 of ChannelConnect? Read here (in Dutch)

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US youngsters learn how to use coding & hacking skills

20 young people including 10 American youngsters from Albuquerque and the Navajo Nation in New Mexico will be welcomed in The Hague by Cybersprint on 21 March 2019. The young coding talents will learn how to use their coding and hacking skills in a positive way and to make the digital world safer. They will also see real life examples of how they could use these skills to increase their career opportunities. The programme is part of the CyberHeroes-week which is set up by Cyberworkplace in Rotterdam and the American Embassy in The Hague.

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