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Cybersprint was founded in the Netherlands, where the number of active internet users is extremely high compared to other European countries. The Netherlands also ranks above the EU’s average when it comes to adopting new technologies. We take pride in the fact that we have built an impressive client base over the past years. We are Europe’s leading company in offering a Digital Risk Protection solution with unique features. We supply our services to globally active banks, insurance companies, governments, large municipalities and critical infrastructure companies.


Cybersprint has been established by Pieter Jansen with the ambition to help organisations map their entire online footprint and find digital vulnerabilities by using automated ethical hacking skills. This is the foundation of our innovative solutions that make the internet a safer place and proactively protect the online environment of organisations. 

In his previous life as a Security Manager and known ethical hacker, Pieter Jansen has worked on both the offensive and defensive side of cyber security. His motto “defence is hard, offence is easy” forms the base of Cybersprint’s Digital Risk Protection platform.

Pieter Jansen: “Repetitive tasks and manual work should be eliminated in the cyber security industry. We need to work fast to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.”

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