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What we do

Cybersprint protects organisations by providing real-time insights into their online footprint. We make them aware of the current digital risks on all their online channels: Web, Mobile apps, Netblocks, Social Media, IoT & SCADA, and the Deep & Dark Web.

Our unique Digital Risk Protection platform automatically detects all online vulnerabilities from known, to hidden, and fake online entry points. We map the online attack surface and advise on mitigating actions. This will improve any organisation’s cyber security compliance.

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We hack you before they do

An extensive range of techniques is integrated and combined in the automated Digital Risk Protection platform. It uses many of the same techniques hackers use when searching for online vulnerabilities.
An important difference is that our platform also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, Big Data and data visualisation to work faster than hackers and stay ahead of cyber criminals.

Our integrated SaaS-platform helps IT security teams replace time-consuming manual processes with smart and more efficient methods to secure their business.

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What makes us unique

100% European

Cybersprint is the leading European provider of Digital Risk Protection.
We also selectively work with European partners.

Automated insights

Our service can can be adjusted to your needs, from 24/7 to periodical scans, and presents the findings in a comprehensive online dashboard.

No information needed

We only need your brand or organisation’s name to detect all digital assets related to your company or brand.

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The team

Cybersprint is dedicated to make the world more cyber secure. Our professionals are specialists in their respective fields, such as hacking and security, software development usability, and design. We challenge each other as a team to continuously improve our products and develop new functionalities to our clients’ online security.

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