growing digitalisation comes with risks

every organisation has its own digital security challenges


Any unauthorised attempt to intrude a computer or network is hacking. Hackers could cause data breaches and serious damage to organisations. This type of cybercrime is hard to prevent, but continuous vulnerability scanning and detecting hacking attempts in time prevents and minimises the impact of the aggression.  Read more


270 billion emails are sent worldwide every day. This provides cyber criminals with plenty of opportunities to misuse this means of communication through email spoofing or CEO-fraud. Read more


Phishing attacks obtain confidential information from your organisation, employees or customers. Protecting your business is challenging, but malicious websites or emails are easily identified by continuously scanning your online presence.  Read more

Brand abuse

Your organisation invests in building a positive and trustworthy brand identity, but what if your name gets abused by malicious parties?
There’s a lot at stake. In the ever-growing digital society, online brand abuse is increasing. This makes it vital to continuously scan the digital risks to pro-actively protect your brand.  Read more

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of paid branded search traffic was hijacked (2013, US).*


of UK SMEs don’t know what to do when CEO Fraud happens.*


of people say they know the risks of clicking on unknown links, but click anyway.*

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