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CEO chat: Reflections & predictions

The events of 2020 have left their marks on the development of digital innovations, tools, and threats. Rapid digitalisation, remote working, and several high-profile incidents have reshaped IT infrastructures, their security processes, and potential threats. 

The CEOs of Silobreaker, Intel471, and Cybersprint sit together to talk about their views on all things cybersecurity. Kristofer Mansson, Mark Arena, and Pieter Jansen discuss what they've learnt from last year's events - and what we can expect in 2021. 

  • How has ransomware become the top threat?
  • Is there still a clear distinction between cybercriminals and nation state actors?
  • How can you reduce third-party risk?
  • And what new threat intelligence strategies work best? 

They will go over incidents and events, the causes and implications, and - most importantly - the key takeaways. What does 2020 bode for 2021? What is worth investing in, and what approach will become obsolete? 

Register to join their conversation for a look at the past, and a glimpse of the future. 


Key takeaways

  • Discover how the 2020 events have impacted cybersecurity
  • Learn what key takeaways help prepare you for 2021
  • Understand the emerging security strategies for your organisation


Mark Arena
CEO Intel 471

Mark Arena is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Intel 471. Mark was previously employed by iSIGHT Partners (now FireEye) as their Chief Researcher. Prior to this, Mark worked at the Australian Federal Police as a technical specialist within the High Tech Crime Operations function. He worked on a number of different crime types when new, unique or emerging technologies were used by criminals that required a solution when no commercial/out of the box solution was available. Prior to the Australian Federal Police, Mark worked as a Software Engineer on embedded systems for public transportation systems.

Kristofer Mansson
CEO Silobreaker

Kristofer Mansson is the CEO and Co-founder of Silobreaker. He entered the technology industry 20 years ago when he took on the role of acting CEO for an early stage technology venture owned by NASDAQ OMX and the Boston Consulting Group. Before the millennium he spent 15 years in Financial Services as Vice-President at Salomon Brothers and Managing Director of AIG Financial Products. He holds a Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Pieter Jansen
CEO Cybersprint

Pieter Jansen is a passionate cybersecurity-specialist and CEO & Founder of Cybersprint. With his experience as an ethical hacker and security manager he has worked on both the "offense" and "defense" side of cybersecurity. Based on his experience, Pieter saw new possibilities in developing a platform protecting the online environment of organisations. Driven by his ambition ‘to make the world more secure’ he started his own company in Digital Risk Protection. With Cybersprint, he has developed Europe's first Digital Risk Protection platform that automatically and 24/7 identifies online vulnerabilities of organisations. His motto ‘Defense is hard, offense is easy’ forms the base of the Cybersprint-platform.