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Editorial: 6 steps to achieving zero shadow IT

by Pieter Jansen Editorial 17 Nov 2021

Shadow IT has long been a problem for organisations.
Formal IT is routed through the IT department, where it’s
approved, purchased, set up, and, importantly, supported
and maintained.

Shadow IT falls outside this process, and is normally split
into two categories:
/ Systems that the IT department doesn’t know about.
/ Systems the IT department knows about but needs to
keep running as they are integral to business operations.

The second category is the real Shadow IT and the biggest
problem for businesses.

So how can you protect your business from the perils of
shadow IT? Here are Pieter's six steps.


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Disinformation: a certainty in uncertain times

Since the beginning of the internet, we have seen a near, if not an exponential, surge of information sharing amongst users in cyberspace. Not long after, we saw how the emergence of social media ushered an access to public online platforms where other internet users worldwide could share, discuss, promote, and consume information, whether by deliberate choice or not.

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Threat Report: Remote vulnerability in Confluence, fixes available

On 2 June, 2022 a critical vulnerability was identified in Atlassian Confluence (CVE-2022-26134). The vulnerability in question relates to active exploitation of unauthenticated remote code execution in Confluence Data Center and Server; meaning that the vulnerability could lead to code being executed remotely.  

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Looking back on the 2021 vulnerability: Log4shell

In December 2021 a critical vulnerability surfaced named Log4shell within Log4j, a widely used logging tool for java applications. Log4j is used globally by computers running online services, which meant it impacted a multitude of people, organisations, and government organisations. Since then, multiple fixes have been implemented in the hope to avoid such an outbreak in the future.

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