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Editorial: Automated hacking

by Robert Krenn Editorial 21 Dec 2021

Let me start by pointing out that automated hacking is not a new problem, it has been around for some time. However, with companies’ attack surfaces becoming increasingly sprawling and complex, and with hacks getting more advanced, it is becoming a much more pressing problem for organisations.

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Editorial: Why your brand DNA is the foundation of your security posture

Finding and verifying all of a company’s web assets across the entire internet is a massive undertaking. You essentially need to filter the whole internet and try to pick out what is relevant, and then set about detecting the risks – or even potential risks – within what you have found. This isn’t a process that can be managed manually. The staff-hours alone would make this hugely prohibitive, and that’s without taking into account the potential margin for error. Instead, it requires a different approach, one based around automation. In this editorial, Cybersprint's Lead Data Science & Analytics, Willem van Zwieten, explains how algorithms and automation helps your organisation stay secure.

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How to find and mitigate the recent WordPress CVE-2022-21661

A few days ago, WordPress released a patch for their software. This patch updates WordPress to version 5.8.3, and addresses four vulnerabilities. Three of these vulnerabilities have been rated as ‘high importance’ with two CVSS scores of 8.0, a 7.4, and a 6.6, as they allow for different kinds of attacks. This article explains how the different vulnerabilities could be abused, and how we were able to find the relevant WordPress software to check for risks.

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Defend yourself against a coming wave of API cyberattacks

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are used by countless businesses. By defining the rules that programmers must follow to interact with a programming language or software tool, they play a key role in enabling organisations to connect with services and transfer data.

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