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Eward Driehuis

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Editorial: Why API Security might be the next big thing

API security is one of those essential elements, as it’s rooted in so many processes. Yet, it’s still easily overlooked. API security needs a second component to be effective. In this insight, I will outline what that is and why you need it.

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Editorial: Exchange CVEs: The Response Plan Gap

It’s been two weeks since Microsoft released a patch for the Exchange vulnerabilities. For many, the dust has settled. Others are still fighting fires. Today, I’d like to look back at some of the problems we saw. Some were expected, other surprised us. I’ll go over them, and give tips on how these problems can be avoided in the future.

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Editorial: Supply chain attacks

Today, supply chain attacks are as abundant as they are elusive. However, as many parties communicate about the dangers and their technical solutions, not much is said about the basics of supply chains attacks. I have written this article based on my personal experiences knowledge on the subject. I hope it answers most of your questions about the topic, so that you have a solid basis to expand your supply chain security from.

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