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Map the attack surface

Detect and inventory the digital assets of your organisation, including infrastructural dependencies.

Prevent incidents

Automated and continuous insights from an outside-in perspective help eliminate blind spots.

Improve control

Knowing what assets are related to your brand gives peace of mind and ensures compliance.

Save costs

Gain insights into assets and systems no longer in use to initiate decommission.

Why you need Asset detection & Inventory

Automated, outside-in, and continuously

Using a scalable and automated solution to keep track of your digital assets is necessary to stay in control of your attack surface.

Three aspects drive the need for full asset detection & inventory:

  1. Technological developments result in bigger and more complex digital environments, including assets at external suppliers and cloud providers. That makes monitoring and managing your attack surface much more complex.
  2. High-impact attacks are becoming more sophisticated and frequent. Threat actors use automated attacks, ransomware that targets shadow IT, and attack via your supply chain. Understanding where your most critical vulnerabilities are is essential to take preventative measures.
  3. Regulations dictate to what standards organisations must set up their security governance – and deliver proof of control. Authorities increasingly mandate security reports on topics such as data outsourcing and IT governance.

Discover the assets, risks, and vulnerabilities in your attack surface.

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The cybersprint solution

to asset detection & inventory

A threat actor will gather asset information to find weaknesses and work their way into the systems. Being able to stay a step ahead of the criminals will make you less likely to be a victim of a cybercrime, while maintaining a healthy CMDB in the process.

Our Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform will identify your internet-facing assets in an automated, continuous, and non-intrusive manner. The asset detection is done from the outside-in, requiring no predetermined IP ranges or system access. This approach is key in eliminating blind spots.

All detected assets include contextual information and mapping of the relationship between assets. Integration with your CMDB allows for inventory verification and alignment.

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Hacker Modus Operandi and ASM platform solutions

Hacker Step 1

Scan and gather information about the target’s infrastructure

Identify target-owned domains and websites

Solution Identify

Continuously inventory the internet-facing systems

and infrastructures to map
the attack surface and resolve shadow IT

Hacker Step 2

Identify asset vulnerabilities and data breaches to use in an attack

Acquire a lookalike domain & gather company information to use in an attack

Solution Assess

Find infrastructural dependencies between assets

Find legacy IT, unused and inaccessible services

Identify lookalike domains created for a potential attack

organised by name-tag_A01
Hacker Step 3

Gain entrance to the target’s system and obtain higher administrator rights

Set up a fake website or mail server for targeted phishing attacks or brand abuse

Solution Manage

Monitor the attack surface growth over time

Organise and tag assets based on ownership, business value, criticality, and more

Receive notifications of asset changes, including malicious assets

Dashboard manage
Hacker Step 4

Steal, leak, or lock company data with ransomware, or spy on IT systems and IP

Send users to phishing websites, tarnish brand reputation, or spread to connected suppliers

Solution Report

Export asset data to support

  • asset ownership
  • governance and compliance
  • supply chain management
  • shadow IT registration/ decommission

Our Attack Surface Management platform will

Detect and map the assets related to your brand name

Provide continuous insights to decrease risks and improve security

Identify external assets such as from a threat actor or third party

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