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The Threat of Open Directories

01-12-2021 |In this webinar, we'll talk about the  threats of open directories and how to protect your organisation.

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Uncanny Loggings: How poor data monitoring leads to The Danger Zone

The practice of logging has come a long way over the past few years. It started as a way to demonstrate regulatory compliance and to provide evidence in legal processes, but it has now evolved into being a norm for best security practice and governance evaluation. So what are the most important aspects? How do you start and maintain oversight over your logging capabilities?

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Cybersprint nominated for Deloitte's Technology Fast 50

We are excited to have been included the Deloitte Technology Fast 50  list. Cybersprint is one of the 50 technology companies in the Netherlands to be recognised for exceptional growth performance in the last four years.

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Attack Surface Management flyer

Knowing your attack surface is essential for managing digital risk & protecting your organisation. Read more about attack surface management in this flyer.

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Why you need to know your certificate supply chain

Last week, on Thursday 30 September, a root certificate from Let’s Encrypt expired. This is not uncommon in itself, but as the certificate had no update or alternative, it meant that all domains and subdomains running the certificate were suddenly no longer listed as SSL / TLS-secured. The result: thousands of web pages and applications failed and were unable to serve the content people requested. What went wrong? And what can organisations do to fix similar issues in the future?

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Securing critical infrastructure: new regulations mandate control

The name itself says it already: organisations in the critical infrastructure are vital in the services they provide in society. Should something go wrong in their daily operations, it can have severe consequences and disrupt individual people and other companies. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are more often targeted in (cyber-)attacks, but it does pose an extra reason to prevent any successful attack. Such organisations have often been in charge of their own cybersecurity, guided by regulations. Now though, authorities in the EU are starting to intensify their watchful eyes with the RCE directive. What is the EU RCE? And how should critical infrastructure organisations prepare?

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Mandatory IT audits: risk scores don’t mean security

More organisations in the Netherlands recognise the need for an active approach to stay in control over their attack surfaces in order to mitigate risks. Every organisation is able to create their own IT security governance and processes. Now, though, a new standard might be introduced in the form of an annual, mandatory IT audit. Is this a development helping businesses further? Or one that doesn’t really add anything other than paperwork?

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BIO en GGI-Veilig met Attack Surface Management

Gemeenten moeten voldoen aan de BIO. Het GGI-Veilig framework maakt de beveiligings-eisen inzichtelijk. Hoe werkt het? En hoe helpt ASM? Lees het hier.

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Cybersprint nominated as one of the 10 best cybersecurity providers at Computable

Our team is proud to announce that Cybersprint is nominated for the Computable Awards 2021 in the category Security & Forensics! With our Attack Surface Management platform, we help organisations monitor their attack surface and mitigate the associated risks within. We are pleased that Computable recognises our approach to help make organisations become more digitally secure.

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Tackling the Exponential Growth of the Attack Surface

In this whitepaper, CISO Vincent Thiele takes a look at the challenges and best practice to manage and control your attack surface.  

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