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Cybersprint launches Third-Party Risk solution

It has become the next big cybersecurity challenge many organisations face. Digital risks to your organisation, but not the ones coming from your own systems. No matter how well-protected your IT infrastructure is, your systems are connected to that of your suppliers and third parties in one way or another. And this is the route threat actors take to get to your data. The difficult thing is that you don’t know what to protect against, as you cannot see what supplier assets pose the biggest these supply chain risk. Until now. 

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RaaS: How Ransomware as a 'Service' Increases Your Attack Risk

We know of Software as a Service, where organisations outsource parts of their digital infrastructure to third parties for the sake of improved user experience or increased security, for instance. As a successful business model, it is actually not that shocking something similar is happening in the world of cyber-crime. The people who know how to build ransomware sell their software on the dark web and offer it as Ransomware as a Service (RaaS), turning even rookie cyber-criminals into money-making hackers. How does it work, exactly? And what can you do to protect your systems?

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The 3 pillars of successful IT governance

IT governance framework helps to ease everyday processes, increases productivity levels, and scripts what to do in case of an incident. However, creating and implementing an organisation-wide IT governance framework is no easy feat, yet so crucial.

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Webinar: Ransomware Submarine

On 25 November, we take you down into the depths of enterprise ransomware. How do criminals build and spread ransomware, and what can you do to protect your organisation? Join the webinar!

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Cybersprint 5-year anniversary

2020 marks our five-year anniversary! To celebrate, we have published five video interviews about our journey so far. 

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From Monitoring to Response: Securing IoT devices within city limits

This second edition of Bloomberg Associates’ Digital City Tools focuses on technologies that improve the delivery of city services. In one of the case studies, the Municipality of The Hague elaborates on the development of an IoT security monitoring tool in collaboration with Cybersprint. The case study highlights the outcomes of the pilot and the importance of digital security for cities.

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Organisational reliance on IT is increasing and outsourcing of services grows. What individual components are necessary for successful IT governance strategy

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Richard Betts joins Cybersprint team

As of 1 October 2020, we welcome Richard Betts as VP International Financial Services and UKI at Cybersprint. Richard will focus on creating and expanding Cybersprint’s international and financial portfolio.

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WHITEPAPER: Subdomain Takeovers

This whitepaper breaks down how malicious actors can take control over your website page. What is the impact to your organisation? 

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27/09/2021 | Always wanted to try and ethically hack the city of The Hague? This is your chance! Pre-register for Hâck The Hague 2021.

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Use case: ifm electronics

ifm's biggest challenge was to inventory their online assets, and to determine whose responsibility they were. Digital footprint mapping helps ifm improve their cyber-resilience and security workflow. 

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