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What we do

We believe digital footprint is key in solving digital problems. Threats, technology trends and regulations all converge there. Our passion is to automate an increasing amount of use cases with digital footprint. Talking to CISOs and analysts on a daily basis, we evolve our platform to alleviate workloads, prioritise and automate actions, and we work day and night to offer both data quality and data relevance.

Our platform continuously maps your digital footprint and monitors your brand. You can make informed decisions on the external exposure the brand has online, where threats might be coming from, where vulnerabilities in the systems are, where attacks are staged, and what to prioritise. Whether it’s risk you want to control, IT security that needs governance, or incidents that need analysis, our digital footprint approach offers the power you need, without burdening you with excess processes and workload.

Zero scope, zero touch

We have integrated an extensive range of techniques in our Digital Risk Monitoring platform. It uses many of the same methods hackers use when searching for online vulnerabilities. An important difference is that our platform also uses Artificial Intelligence backed by analysts (AI²), machine learning, Big Data and illustrative visualisations to make reporting easier.

The outside-in perspective on your digital footprint allows IT professionals to look beyond their known perimeter, similar to how threat actors see your brand. However, we stop once we’ve detected a vulnerability. And as our platform is in the cloud, we don’t need to install anything in your systems, or even need access in any way. This way, you will receive results within minutes.

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